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Operation Resolve

It’s January 3rd. I realize it’s days after the new year, but I will do this now fashionably late. I decided to hold off on my resolutions until I was sure about them. I’m still not, but I’m not sure about life in general, so here goes. My resolution is simple: I RESOLVE TO BE ME. 

And there you have it. Simple, straightforward, easy to remember. 

So this Tumblr will be dedicated to my adventures of the year, of life. By year’s end, we’ll have created something beautiful together. 


There is a time in your life when mediocrity works, when you just want to blend in with your surroundings. Fall back into the mists of humanity and observe life because you can’t figure out what to do with your own. But then it stops suddenly. You wake up from your listless dream and crave the sweet tribulations and challenges life has to offer. Suddenly mediocrity doesn’t seem so great. Maybe you want to make your life like the observed, something worth watching. The energy swarms within you, enjoying the demands and accepting every challenge. But then you look left. Sitting on the side of the road in grey is another lost soul, you smile trying to awaken them. They are unresponsive for the moment. But you’ll be back tomorrow because that’s what humanity calls us to do, help those who need it as if it were us. And we would want that help. We did have that help but we failed to recognize it. They will in time, they’ll see that mediocrity isn’t worth the effort.

Life is.

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